Merri Creek Primary School – My Passion: Why I love tennis (Viggo)


Why I love Tennis

 by Viggo


Tennis is my passion, it has been my passion since I was five. It’s made me think fast with the reflexes.

How did it start?

Tennis started by watching Wimbeldon on television on Saturdays. I used to come downstairs from my bed and watch Wimbledon while eating breakfast. Me and my brother didn’t really have any interests in sport. Until one day my grandad showed David my brother how to play tennis. After that David had lessons and started getting alright. David showed me and I loved it, I pleaded with my dad and mum to give me tennis lessons, and they finally agreed.

My first tennis racket was an orange Slazenger. I broke the strings and we all thought that the racket was broken. I also first played on a gravel court, it could be very slippery when it rained and if you fell you could injure yourself pretty badly, you could graze yourself or you could cut yourself.

Why do I like it? I just love the feeling of the vibration when you hit the ball. The power of the ball coming near you, the reaction you need to be at the net, and my goal is to become a professional tennis player and win one or more Grand Slam tournaments.


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