Merri Creek Primary School – My Passions: Ballet (by LRJ) and Basketball (by FF)

Dance by LRJ


My favourite passion over all is dance. It is the thing that keeps me together and gets me lots of friends.

When I was three I really liked to move and so I started a thing called Leito, it’s where you dance as you go. The first time I did Leito it was a trial and I was running around the room while Dad and my brother were watching me from the bench. I think I loved it. I also remember sitting next to my friends Freya and Layla on the bench.

When I was four I wanted to do proper ballet and so I went into pre-ballet at Brunswick School Of Dance. I remember doing Jelly Legs which was where you did an exercise and then get on the floor and shake your legs. For pre-ballet I had Miss Chiara.

Then I was asked to pre-grade one which was an honour and I was very proud. For pre-grade one I had Miss Jacinta.

I then moved on to grade one ballet were I did a RAD workshop and then did an exam. I got a distinction and I was very proud. I also did jazz which I didn’t like that much.

And here I am doing grade 2 ballet, neo-classical and acro.


Basketball by FF


When I was three years old I wanted to play basketball so much, and now I am nine years old and I play basketball for a team called Collingwood All Stars. Basketball is now my passion. Friends loved it but I rarely watched basketball games. But my friends wanted me to do basketball because they did it and I was also the only person out of my friends that did not do basketball. They also said that they loved it so I decided to do it!

When I was three I was terrible at basketball and now I am as good as a teenager. I love basketball so much I am never ever going to quit basketball. After basketball I feel tired and droopy.



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