Merri Creek Primary School – My Passions: Camping (by HC) and Footy

Camping at Cape Conran   by HC

One amazing day when I was six I was introduced to camping at awesome Cape Conran. The first site we were at was site number 15. Then we went to the second site. We were at site number 105.

My loving Mum and Dad introduced me to camping at Cape Conran. I love it and there is about a shocking 200 different camp sites! Every late morning in winter the coffee truck comes, me and my brother wait for the truck to come to our camp site and then we buy a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate costs $ 5. 50 each. This is why camping at the amazing Cape Conran is one of my passions. I love Cape Conran because my Mum, Dad, older cousins and friends love to camp so in a way it is already my passion. Cape Conran’s sites are literally on the beach! Isn’t that awesome!


Australian Football

When I was around five I was going to brush my teeth when I heard something from my Mum and Dad’s room . I went in there and saw my Dad watching TV so I started watching it. He told me the game was called AFL. After ten minutes I started getting the hang of it.



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  1. This makes me jealouse HC. I really want to go their one day. Great writing.

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