Merri Creek Primary School – My Passions: Gymnastics (by CE) and Soccer (by QK)

Gymnastics    by CE

My passion is gymnastics. I started doing really cool gym when I was 3. I wanted to start doing gym because I really loved bouncing on trampolines and I also thought it would be fun to jump over boxes! One day when I on the way to gym I had a wobbly tooth and I was starting to get a tooth ache. I was eating a really large apple and it got more wobbly! Then I asked my brother if it hurt when it comes out and he said no! Suddenly it came out and it really hurt!


Soccer   by QK

The way I got into soccer was by my Dad teaching me to play soccer. I was 4 and Dad was 40. We were strolling through a park one day when Dad got out a soccer ball, he started kicking it around and he asked me to try kicking it. It cleared about 5 metres then stopped. After that, he taught me the rules and positions. Then he started to train me and teach me more and more about soccer. That night we watched a soccer match on TV and I started getting to know more and more about soccer. The next day, Dad put me in under 4s soccer training since I was the only person who had practised playing soccer. I did more and more training until Dad moved me up a group to under 5s. I still was determined to get better and better so I trained more and more even at our house. I kept on moving up groups until eventually I got to under 7s. I wasn’t allowed to move up any, more because the highest age group in soccer a 4 year old kid is allowed to be in is under 7s. When I grew older, I was mainly in soccer groups that were two or three years higher than my age. Like when I was 7 I was in under 9s and when I was five I was in under 8s, currently I’m 9 and I’m in under 11s. I play in the team with my brother, Samson. The reason I like soccer is because it’s not rough like American Football, Rugby and AFL. All those 3 sports are very violent. I would hate to play any of them because in all of them to get the ball off people you have to either jump on them or push and punch them but in soccer to get the ball off people you have to try to tap the ball away from the other person and get possession of the ball and well that’s all I have to say about soccer.

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  1. I hate it when brothers lie. Great writing CE

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