Merri Creek Primary School – My Passions: Hockey (FT) and Footy (TH) and footy (ZKL)

Sticking to it  by FT


When I was six, me, Luke and my dad went to a school hockey ground, and Dad gave me my first hockey stick. He then picked up a small hockey ball and started to show me some tricks. Only small tricks, but still tricks. Then an urge to get that small, unimportant ball hit me hard, and fast. I started hitting at my first hockey ball. I loved it. It was the best thing that happened to me all that day. My brother was there too. I was stuffing up a lot, but Luke, my brother, held his stick the wrong way round! That made me laugh, and feel a lot better. My dad showed us lots of basic skills, and I’ve loved hockey ever since.

Since that day, I’ve been playing hockey a lot and now I play for the Brunswick Wickers. Dad really pushes me to my limits. I train on Thursdays and I play every Saturday. I’ve just really loved hockey since I first picked up my hockey stick. Mum and Dad think hockey is perfect for me because I’m fast and in hockey you have to run. Not many of my friends play but I still think hockey is the best sport ever.



Footy (by TH)

I have loved footy since my dad told me about it. I think it is really fun.

I was introduced to footy by my dad when I was 4 years old. I can’t remember exactly when or what happened, but I really liked it. Sometimes when dad was watching the footy I would come and sit with him and watch.

After I finally grew into school, I was able to do Auskick. I played that from about prep to Grade 2, and then I went a bit further. I moved into a competition and played for Fitzroy under 9s. After that, I moved up to under 10s.

Football is my passion because I think it is fun. I also like to be part of a team and play with them. Now I play for Fitzroy under 10 team 3 or YJFL FJFC U10 3.


AFL (Australian football League) By ZKL

Once when I was six, I was watching TV when my Dad changed the channel to AFL. I didn’t know it was AFL at first I just thought it was some throw and catch game. The next day Dad did it again then I asked him what it was called he said it was called AFL. I asked Dad the rules. There were a quite a lot but one of the rules is: there are four goal posts in a line, if you get the ball through the middle posts you get six points or in other words one goal. If you hit the middle posts you get one point. If you get it in the outside goals you get one point. If you hit the outside posts it is called out on the full and the other team get a kick in.

I go for the Western Bulldogs. They won the grand final last year against Sydney Swans 89-67. My Dad goes for the Kangaroos (North Melbourne.) My Mum goes for the Tigers and my brother Finley goes for the Giants. We all go for different teams. There are 18 teams in the AFL. GWS (the Giants) is the newest. This year so far the best team is the Adelaide Crows. My Dad and Mum encouraged me to play Auskick. They finally made me last year 2016. After a year of Auskick I decided to join a football club I joined Fitzroy football club. (key 1=won 2=lost) We’ve gone 12112221121. Our biggest win was against Heidelberg 117-0. I like AFL because you get very fit. For Auskick I practised on Saturday morning and for football I trained on a Monday afternoon. I play my games on a Sunday morning. We have to get up really early. I just love footy and I believe lots of people like footy too!



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