Merri Creek Primary School – My Passions: Redblox (by LP) and Soccer (by RM)

Roblox story ® (by LP)

A few years ago my Dad got me a new game called Roblox on his IPhone. My Dad said, “I think you will like it.” But for some reason my Dad hated it but he kept Roblox on his IPhone. I’ve been playing Roblox for about 4 and a half years now. Isn’t that CRAZY!!! The reason I play Roblox is because… IT IS FUN TO PLAY!!!



                       MY PASSON IS SOCCER (by RM)


I started soccer when I was 6. My brother Isaac started me on my soccer journey. I played for Darebin Falcons first, for two years, then I changed to Fitzroy City. I’ve been playing for Fitzroy City for one amazing year now. I play for under eleven girls, and I’m only 8! That means I play three age groups up. I changed to Fitzroy City because my older brother told me it was a very good team ,and my brother plays for the team. Soccer is my passion because I think it is a fun sport to play. You learn new tricks and stuff like that. I am turning nine this year.

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