Merri Creek Primary School – My Passions: Science (by SL) and Soccer (by SE)

My science passion (by SL)

When I was four asked my Mum, “How do we know stuff?”

“By science experiments,” she said.

So a few years later I asked “Can I do my own science experiments?”

“Yes,” said my Mum, “you can do some of your own.”

Soon I did my first science experiment. It was: writing with a lemon. It worked well so I was happy. I did lots more science experiments over the years and now I have lots of science books with lots of science experiments in them such as getting out of a locked door without a key or making a bottle fly. It is awesome to do things like that. So that is why my passion is science experiments!




My strongest passion is soccer and I want to become a soccer player.

It all started when I was only three, I scored a fantastic goal against my Dad. He didn’t even see it coming. I now play for a club called Fitzroy City.

I was also six when I had to play for my brother’s team. I got fouled and got a free kick. Everyone was shouting, “HERE, HERE!” But I went for the shot. And I succeeded.

I now train harder and harder. Today I am getting better every second. It is not only hard, but it is also lots of fun. My teammates say I’m the best in the team. My position is of course, striker!

I play in the under 10s. We are a very good team. That’s what I say.

My dad thinks I can become a great soccer player. So if I do, which I do.



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