Merri Creek Primary School: Our Family Christmas (by Pepper)

 by Pepper C


Every year, my family and I go to our cousins’ house for Christmas. Before we get ready for the day, we stay at home, opening our Christmas presents and playing with them, and eating chocolates. Then we all need to pack for the pool, (which is at their house), by bringing a towel and goggles, with our bathers already on under our shorts and t-shirt. When we arrive there, we pat their dogs, Chief and Phoenix, then say hi to the rest of the family. Then, all of the younger kids jump in the pool, and the older kids follow. Sometimes some of the parents go in the pool as well. The kids always swim hours longer than the others. After that, we have a delicious dinner outside. Then we talk about what we got for Christmas. And finally, we have fruit salad, cake and other mouthwatering treats.


After we fill our stomachs to the brim of delicious foods, we would go upstairs and play in our cousins’ rooms. Since their house is so big, we play hide and seek. When we get bored of playing games, we swim some more. The bright colorful lights on in the pool and the lanterns in the trees are the only things lighting up the night. We stare at the lights until we see colors everywhere we go. We would then get out of the pool, with the glistening colorful water in the corners of our eyes and go inside. After we dry off, we go into the music room and we sing songs and play the ukulele and guitar. It’s like a family tradition to do so.


After singing and dancing, the time finally comes to go home. We wrap our towels over us to keep us warm. Then, we say goodbye — although we always stay and talk for another five minutes. Then, we drive home, with the heater on in the car, talking about how much fun we had there.


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