Merri Creek Primary School: The Day My Mum Nearly Ate My Brother’s Tooth (by Zoe)


When I was about nine, my family and I went on a trip around the west coast of Australia. We were going for six months and at the time my story starts we were staying at Broome. Very luckily we were there at the right moon-cycle phase to see the staircase to the moon (when the moon is reflected in the mud flats on the beach giving the illusion that there is a staircase going up to the moon). We had not had dinner yet so mum bought some delicious smelling curries that we were about to tuck into when my brother yelled, “My wobbly tooth fell out!” At first we thought that he was happy about this but it turned out that he was crying because he had swallowed it. He was upset about this because he was worried that the tooth fairy would not come to give him money. My mum tried (and failed) to comfort him and noticing that it was making no difference went back to her curry. In her first mouth full, she thought that she had accidentally swallowed a small rock but when she spat it out she realised that it was my brother’s tooth! Instead of being disgusted that his tooth was covered in my mum’s curry or horrified that his tooth had nearly been swallowed by my mum he grabbed his tooth and started laughing his head off! The only person who found Jeremy’s story funnier than he did was the dentist who laughed so hard he had to hold onto his tray of dental instruments to stop himself from falling over!


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