Merri Creek Primary School: TV Night (by Phoenix)



Every Tuesday, my sister and I go over to my mum’s for TV night to watch Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, a very well-made TV show. On this glorious occasion we stay up until 9. Too early I know, but we make up the time by eating and talking amongst ourselves, it’s really a good time to have fun and hang out with your family and sometimes we sleep on the couch, and I like to set up the bed, especially when I’m about to sleep with my two dogs that lick my face off. You can have a different varieties of food like Pho Bang Bang or dumplings or, even better, PIZZA!


TV shows/Movies

The shows we watch depend on what the mood is, if it’s a good night we will watch an action and mystery TV show or if it’s late we will watch documentaries. I prefer the action and mystery option and don’t even get me started on the TV shows about planet earth…oh that’s a big one. The best part is that the movies are great it depended on what we watch we can watch a child’s film or a bad movie. And sometimes we watch movies that are great and sometimes we watch movies which are ok but not too good. We started a new series called Magic for Humans.  It’s a TV show is about this guy who does magic tricks that are confusing and it is cool. And the best part is we just stared so we have a long long way to go till the end of the series.


Guess what? We started another TV show and it is pretty cool. You get to look at the dangerous animals of Asia and each episode a new animal gets added to the leader board depending on how dangerous it is. It’s amazing for all of us and I like it a lot. When you get to eat pizza it’s fun and tasty and I love to spend time my family and it’s spectacular for everyone. I love it and all my family loves it. The TV shows are great and I can’t wait till next week.


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