Merri Creek Primary School: Venus Bay (by Marlo)

by Marlo


Every year my brother, mum, dad and I go to a holiday house in Venus Bay about 30 minutes from Inverloch, and stay for approximately four days. It is always lots of fun.


It takes around two hours to get from my house to Venus Bay and on the way we always stop at a place called Kelly’s Bakery in Korumburra for lunch. We go there for cheap sausage rolls and pies, although recently a new bakery has opened called the Burra. They sell organic cakes like lavender and rhubarb or fennel and organic wheat. I always tease my mum about it. After lunch we will stop off at a Woolies in Leongatha to get a tank of water, because our holiday house uses a septic system. We also buy marshmallows for the fireplace at the house. And with about five minutes to go we pass by a farm with a whole heap of llamas that we call llama corner.

Venus Bay the town

In Venus Bay we stay at a house called Ivydene. Ivydene is always super dusty and we usually spend the first five minutes dusting it out. It is reasonably small with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a kitchen and a living room. It has a really small backyard and most of it is taken up by our car. The actual town of Venus Bay is reasonably small and all the road names are Roman mythological characters. At night if you’re quiet enough you can see rabbits, wombats and echidnas. There is a general store that my brother and I skate up to, to buy lollies.

Wilsons Promontory 

Once a holiday we drive up to Wilsons Promontory (a national park) to go on hikes and bushwalks. There are three main walks we would do: The first one is the wildlife walk. Here we see all kinds of animals like emus, kangaroos and wombats in the wild. The next one is Mount Oberon. Once my dad and I hiked all the way to the top and at the summit the wind was so strong I nearly got blown off the top. This walk is 6 kilometers long and took us 3 hours. The last walk is the big drift. This walk is around 45 minutes long and once you’ve walked that you come to a desert with absolutely ginormous ditches and dunes made entirely of sand. It is really fun, but I would recommend sunglasses.

Private beach

Back in Venus Bay there is a private beach. You have to walk a good 10 minutes along sand dunes before the path opens into a huge beach. It’s not exactly private, but we are the only people who know about it apart from the occasional oyster catcher. Once a day we will go down to the beach to either play footy, boogie board or surf. The waves are really huge and super powerful, but are still fun to ride. Often after a swim my brother and I will explore the different paths that the sand dunes have to offer.


On our holiday we always have similar foods. Before we leave my mum always packs stuff for nachos. I don’t know why we always have nachos, but we do. Honestly though I can’t really complain, because nachos are like the best. If we go out for the day to go for a hike and it’s too late to cook we will always go to either the Meeniyan pizza place or the Fish Creek pub. Personally I like the pub better because they have the best chicken Parma on earth, but the pizza place is also really good, because they have a delicious BBQ chicken pizza and really good calamari.

I really like Venus Bay because it is a really great place to relax, but also to have an adventure. We go at least 3 times a year and I hope we never stop going.


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  1. Gail Erskine says

    Great writng Marlo. I wish I could come on your holidays too. You sound like you have a great time

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