Merri Creek Primary School: Wilsons Promontory (by Fred)

It’s the very (serious) game of beach soccer, the kids are going for three in a row, they won the last two years. The adults think they that won the last time but actually they cheated.


It went like this, the adults were losing and they said “I think that it is probably time that we stopped, so golden goal”. The kids score the next goal, adults “didn’t you hear us, I said silver.”


It’s intense here at Wilsons Prom beach, the seaweed goal posts aren’t letting much. On the kids’ team there are some great players like Ronald O, and the greatest player of all time, Dene.


Dene dribbling down the sandy pitch, the ball wet and sticky he goes for a massive smash boots as hard as he could. It’s flying through the air, the keeper shimmies to the side and he misses it and it goes in top corner, even though there is no crossbar.


“Score review” says one of the adults, the kids shout “that went in fair and square”. “No goal that was too high” they say. The adults take the next kick dribbling down the beach pass and dribble pass no interception by Ronald O passes to Dene, Harper steals it off Dene even though they’re on the same team. Harper skills his dad, passes back to Dene, and Dene stuffs up that great play started by Ronald O.


So, reminding you of the scores the kids think it’s 3-2 but the adults think it is 2-2. The adults have a goal kick. They pass it to Hamish (Noah’s dad), who passes to Warren and Warren kicks a goal, it is a draw.


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