Merri Creek Primary School – My Passion: Footy (by AB) and Gymnastics (by IG)

       Footy by AB

I was about 4 years old when I started Auskick because my friends did. I did Auskick for four years. Then I joined the Brunswick Dragons Junior Football Club last year. We won our first game by 47 points! My Dad told me a story about how he developed a passion for Collingwood. I’ll try to write it out here and now. He grew up in Shepparton and apparently Collingwood was the team there and then. On the weekend he would watch the footy on the telly. His Dad had a passion for Collingwood then and my Dad liked watching them play on TV. Sometimes they would go and watch the local matches. Unfortunately they then moved to Sydney and most of their family changed teams to the team now known as the Sydney Swans. He and his brother stayed as Collingwood fans and supporters. My Mum’s whole family always barracked for Collingwood.


I was about three years old when my parents were watching footy on TV. I started watching it with them. Then my friends started Auskick. I joined them. We started to dominate the field. I won the raffle and got six packs of footy cards. I gave most of them away. I now play for Brunswick Dragons.


It’s so fun to watch and play the game. With soccer, you score one point every time you get a goal. In footy when you score you get one or an awesome six points the rules are so interesting and it’s such a fun game. It is difficult and interesting. The players are so professional and it’s always so tense. AFL IS LIFE.



My strongest passion is gymnastics. When I was about 3, I was already quite flexible. I also went to a kinder circus when I was 1, 2, 3 and 4.

My great grandmother was a contortionist and was also very flexible; she inspired me to start gymnastics. I would watch gymnastics videos on YouTube and then I wanted to start going to a gym. When I was in prep and I was 6 years old I started gymnastics. When I was 8 and I was in Grade 2 I did harder tricks like front walkovers and back walkovers. In Grade 3 I learned how to do round off back handsprings. I recently moved to a new gym and started training for competitions. I`ve gotten better at gymnastics over the years. The reason gymnastics is my passion is because I`ve done it for a long time and it’s a sport I think I will always like.

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  1. This is great. Love this so much. Never knew that her great grandma was a contortionist
    this is because she is my best friend.

  2. Love the story AB. Great passion.

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