My first running race

I remember I entered my first and ever running race when I was just five years of age. I was with my school St. Mary’s Primary at Monivae College oval and I was wearing a yellow t-shirt to represent that I belonged to Loreto, a sports house. I felt excited because I was only young and I was naïve about the fact that I’d come last and it would be sort of embarrassing.


As I waited before the race began, myself and some other competitors talked about stuff that was not relevant to what we were about to do. Our time was up, so we got into our lanes that we’d run in. As the teacher pulled the trigger of the gun, we just kind of well you could call it, floated. We had no idea of the rules and what would happen if we won. As we all crossed the finish line, I just sat there with the people who had just competed in the race and we just picked grass and giggled. We all received a pink competitor ribbon except for the three people who got first (blue ribbon), second (red ribbon) and third (green ribbon). I thought it was the most beautiful ribbon I’d ever seen in my life even more beautiful than the one I usually wore in my hair.


At the end of the day, I was very pleased and proud and unaware of what the whole day had been about. The way I remembered this event as due to the photos that had been taken and put in a special album that I will treasure until my final race which will probably be when I’m almost eighteen because I’ll probably never race again as I do not like running except for when I was five but I was oblivious about the whole concept of it.





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