Parade St Damian’s v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Jelly snakes were the winners

Parade St Damian’s v Fitzroy Under 9-S


By Finn and Luke Tweedie


It was a sunny with a clear blue sky and a gentle breeze. We drove to Bundoora, it was quite a long way!

Finn was captain for the day with Johnny. Fitzroy won the toss and decided to kick with the breeze.

In the first quarter, Josh kicked a great goal. Parade were fast, fierce and strong. They were winning the ball from the centre a lot. Henry was playing a great game in defence. Roman was chasing hard and he won a free kick as a reward when the Parade player ran too far trying to get away from him.

In the second quarter, the ball spent most time in the Parade forward line. The defenders were fighting hard, especially Ollie, Meg and Seb. They kicked a few goals, but Fitzroy kept trying and never gave up.

At half time we decided we were going to try and win the second half. Leeroy moved into the ruck, and the midfield started to get on top. We had lots of shots at goal. Matt and Josh were on fire. There was some great team play, with Luke, Theo and Olive sharing the ball around with fast handballs. Parade didn’t know what hit them! They hardly got the ball into their forward line at all.

Luke took a mark after the siren and kicked a long bomb straight up the guts, but it just fell short.

In the last quarter we kept up the pressure. Gus took mark after mark in defence.

The tackling was awesome.

Captain Johnny was running and getting the ball forward in the midfield.  Finn took a mark and lined up for goal, and then kicked a cheeky pass to Josh who had snuck into space on his own. Josh then kicked a great team goal.

The game finished and we were all very proud of ourselves because Parade were a really strong team, but we never stopped trying and we had an excellent second half. They even stopped boasting for a bit!

It was a great team effort.

Then we got lolly snakes! Yes!!!!!!!!!


Check out Richard Colyer’s gallery of great photos from the match.



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  1. Meg Kossatz says

    You really missed out John, it was a great game!! The team did a fabulous job. Great report Finn and Luke. Go Roys!

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