Parkside v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Good contest in the big chill

Fitzroy Under 9-S v Parkside

Venue: Pitcher Park

Game date / time: Saturday 25th June, 10am



It was very cold and sunny at first but then got colder and colder.

First quarter: it was a hard first quarter both teams played well, and even though we struggled, our team got the ball and got some goals.

Second quarter: you could tell that Seb and Ollie were definitely trying really hard to get the ball down to the forward line. Unfortunately for the opposition, during the game Seb kicked the ball and it went in to one of the opposition player’s face.

Half time: At half time Keli gave the team some good pointers. In particular, we were encouraged to try and get into free space.

Third quarter: During the third quarter the mids listened to Keli’s half time advice and played really well.

Fourth quarter: in the fourth and final quarter of the game, everyone played really well, we tackled well, and we got some more goals. In all, I feel ourselves and Parkside both played a good and competitive game.

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