Preston Bullants v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Roys in hot form.

Round 10

Preston Bullants v Fitzroy Under 9-S

Cramer Street, Preston


by Gus Kossatz and Olive Nicholson


1st quarter


It was a windy Sunday at the Preston Bullants home ground.  Joey won the toss as he was the leader of the team for the game. Leeroy started it off with a brilliant tap to Roman who centred it to Josh. Josh ran down the field and did a little pass to Joey who lined up for a goal. Joey kicked the ball straight through the middle of the two  BIG sticks. GOAL! Leeroy sends the ball long down the field but Preston got the ball and shot a goal. Preston backed it up with a point. Scores Preston 7 Fitzroy 6! Huge kick to Paddy from Roman. Paddy sets up and… GOAL! Fitzroy 12 Preston 7

Strong defence by Olive, Jack and Meg.


2nd quarter


The second quarter was fun but a challenge.  First clearance to the Roys. Preston’s defence holds. Leeroy clears the ball down the middle to Ollie, Ollie kicks the ball down to Dylan who kicks and only just misses. Plenty of work for Gus in defence.  Matt was great in defence he got lots of clearances and he was great at backing people up. Roman got the ball to Ollie in the forward line, who sent the ball flying to Joey who gave the ball to Dylan… turn-over! Preston gets the ball and siren sounds.


3rd quarter


Preston got a clearance they sent the ball flying up to defence and towards the goals. Gus picked it up and kicked the ball to centre. Jasper picked it up but got tackled really hard by a Preston player. The ball goes flying out of Jasper’s hands with an awesome hand ball which was picked up by Roman who sprinted down the field and smashed it down to Joey… GOAL! Roman ran down the field again and booted it to Joey again and another goal to Fitzroy!


4th quarter


Preston got it down to defence.  Meg ran hard to mark the ball. Meg kicked it down to Henry who cleared it down breaking a tackle and booting it to the forward line. Ollie snatched the ball up off the ground giving it to Joey but Joey gets tackled and it’s a turn over. Preston runs with the ball down to the mid and then the forward but just as they were about to get a goal the siren sounded! It was a win for us!



The medal went to Frankie and the 4 certificates went to Meg, Johnny, Gus, and Roman.

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