Round 1 – Adelaide v Essendon: Let There Be Light

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Well it’s that time of year again, Round 1 except it’s completely different for two reasons. One was the banned substance scandal which I will talk about later, and two, I was into the biggest grand-final of my life. In the highest tennis section, which is pennant. we play best of two with a super-tiebreak and we play singles and doubles. Ed, a friend and I have been playing hard all summer through scorching sun to windy days, even in rain. We have stayed strong. I had mostly won my matches through the season, but there had been some really close calls. We finished second and played the grand-final Saturday. Problems with the Essendon, Adelaide match however.


The lead up to this season had been complicated however. Banned substance scandals for one. I personally don’t know if it’s true or not but by the ribbing I’m getting a school and at tennis, please make itstop!  Somebody talked and then I heard talk that Watson might get stripped of his Brownlow. Luckily it’s now hopefully (touch wood) passed.


Let’s focus on this match however. I was only able to watch the first quarter as I had to play the next today (I didn’t want to stay up to midnight listening to ads and commentary and the odd bit of footy!) Adelaide had the wind and went out of the blocks with a bang. Three goals before I settled down and all from set shots. Walker, Porplyzia and Douglas. 22 points to basically zilch. Luckily Stanton’s snap got us on the board. It didn’t look good. I went to bed feeling the inevitable from our losing streak last year.


In the morning I asked my Dad, as I got ready for my big day, “How did we go?” He said we beat them easily. I turned around with surprise. I shouldn’t have really, but after last year’s second half performance and the banned substance scandal I didn’t think we could win. I had underestimated my Bombers however, their emotion after the win must have been enormous especially for Hirdy. Good job guys, but I have a grand-final.


It was a very very, very windy day. I lined up against a guy I had played twice during the season. Today though was different. He played a lot better and had me on the ropes. I won eventually 6-2 6-2 but my friend playing well, was beaten by the other number two who was playing freakishlywell. Then it came to the doubles. Ed and I squared off against them. In actual fact we did well to get three games. Whenever we hit it into the wind they smashed it. It was an entertaining clash, but they had the upper hand. I was still pleased with the runner up flag. It was a great achievement to get there. So it’s good to get into writing again, especially when the Bombers win.



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