Round 1 – Adelaide v GWS Giants: Twenty Two

Adelaide v GWS

2.40pm, Sunday 26 March

Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

Aidan Hammond (Aged 11)

Another busy day, I had my Walkerville footy club trial game today. The thing is, that it was very hot today, at 10:00 am! So I was wondering how the Crows would do today at 3pm! Then we got the family over for the afternoon and it was really good.


The Crows in the first quarter play well but it is quite frustrating. It’s just really frustrating that the Crows play well, but the Giants are on top (I am trying to express my frustration really hard right now by hitting the keys as hard as I can).


So the Giants are leading, 15 to 29. I don’t know, this is getting my nerves up, but I know the Crows can do well and just control the game, I just hope so much that they do it.


The start of the second quarter is just… Ah… Frustrating! It’s just that I don’t want Crows to lose a game that they have played so well, but seriously, why are we still behind? At the next half of the second quarter it’s getting better; Crows are converting it better so they are scoring more goals and they are not frustrating me as much! Rat (Rory Atkins) 2 goals and JJ 2 goals; at half time the Crows are leading!


About Rat: on the Crows show, Brodie Smith asked him why his nickname was Rat. Rory Atkins response was a very detailed response: “Because it is”. For all the people who watch the Crows show and were so excited to find out why his nickname was Rat and who hadn’t figured it out already, I’m pretty sure it is Rat because R.Atkins, take out the dot RATkins (not stating the obvious).


So the second half we bring out the inflatable hand a lot more. You might not know this, but you might have read in Dave Brown (my uncle’s) report that was about Adelaide v Fremantle, he mentioned that there was a big inflatable hand that would go around for high fives. The high fives would go around much more in the 3rd quarter. The Crows defiantly blew out the game, in the 3rd quarter they made it around a 30 point margin. In the last quarter the Crows keep control of it the margin 56 points. The Crows kick Twenty Two goals. We separate after the match from everybody in my family, and have fun.


Adelaide                           2.3   7.9   15.14   22.15 (147)

GWS                                  4.5   6.7   11.7     14.7 (91)



Adelaide: Betts 4, Atkins 3, Jenkins 3, McGovern 2, Cameron 2, Douglas 2, Knight 2, Mackay, Menzel, Smith, Milera

GWS: Cameron 4, Smith 3, Scully 2, Greene, Lobb, Kennedy, Johnson, Patton



Adelaide: Laird, Cameron, Atkins, Douglas, Milera, Betts
GWS: Kelly, Shiel, Williams, Cameron


Umpires: Fisher, Stephens, Jeffery Crowd: 43,993

Our Votes: Laird (AC) 3, Betts (AC) 2, Atkins (AC) 1.

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