Round 1 – Hawthorn v Geelong: The Curse Continues

Score a footy and Cats gear
Score a footy and Cats gear

Maybe this time

The 2008 Grand Final was the last time the mighty Hawks beat Geelong. For the last five years the Hawks have lost every game against the Cats by less than 25 points. Today every Hawks fan is hoping to break the Cat’s streak.


The day starts off with former Hawks President Jeff Kennett and Bruce McAvaney discussing if the Kennett curse would finish, when they finished up on that topic they showed footage of when the Cats last played the Hawks. The only highlight that came up was the one of Tom Hawkins kicking a goal after the siren to win the match. Hopefully there would not be a repeat.

Leigh Matthews presents the ball to the umpires, a spectator yells out “Always Hawthorn”.


Geelong scores the first point of the game. Lewis collects and walks back but Harry Taylor follows him and gives away 50. Hawks get the first goal. Podsiadly and Bartel score points. Roughead marks from ball magnet Bradley Hill, but he sprays it wide. Buddy and Selwood are having a go at each other on the wing. Geelong goal after a video replay (who has turned into a third umpire). A scare for all Hawks fans as Buddy heads down to the rooms after a hamstring complaint.


Quarter Time: Hawks-27



Bradley Hill is the Top Ball Magnet. Buddy gets the first goal after the siren. Podsiadly replies with a tight one. Cyril kicks one then Shiels follows with a behind.


The Hawks look dangerous, the Cats are vulnerable. Buddy and Isaac Smith get two in a row for the Hawks. Hawkins gets one for the Cats.


Half Time: Hawks- 57


The Cats come back fighting with the Bob Geldof look alike Duncan gets one, followed by goals from Selwood and Hawkins. Two behinds from Geelong take them to a one point lead. The Hawks have become exhausted and lost faith.


The last quarter was a complete massacre.


By Michael Fomiatti


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