Round 10 – Adelaide v Fremantle: Us

Adelaide versus Fremantle

7.10pm, Sunday 27 May

Adelaide Oval

Aidan Hammond


Wake up and I get ready for tennis, I know that we are going to win again. Why did I have a shower before tennis? I guess I just went on automatic! I’m a bit late, great! We have no milk, I have already put my nutri grain into a bowl. Well I’m just going to have it dry. I eventually get ready for tennis. Huh! I have ten minutes to spare, May as well do an almanac report. “Aidan, we have to go”. I get there and I am playing singles. To start off with, we have the doubles. It is a pretty good game but we still win 6-4 or 6-3.


After that I got back home. Then at 5 o-clock my friend Marcus comes for a sleepover. We go out to dinner at this Asian restaurant and then head to the movies to watch Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2. It was a really good movie, I liked the first one better but I give it 8.5 out of 10. We walk back to the car and I am kind of nervous because last week the Crows might have only beat Brisbane because they are last on the ladder. I get in the car and I ask mum for her phone, this is the moment of truth. Adelaide 103, Fremantle 19. A burst of laughter comes out and I get back home playing the Crows song. We watch the end of the game and see Crows win by a massive 100 points, exactly. The highlight of the 4th quarter is Charlie Cameron’s goal from the pocket. The Crows are in flying formation. If anyone can beat the cats at Kardinia, it is us.


ADELAIDE     5.9       9.18    16.21  20.23 (143)
FREMANTLE 1.0       2.1       4.2       6.7 (43)


 Otten 4, Jenkins 3, Milera 3, Betts 3, Cameron 3, Sloane 2, Walker, Jacobs
Fremantle: Tucker 2, Weller 2, McCarthy, Fyfe


Adelaide: M.Crouch, Sloane, Otten, Atkins, B.Crouch, Lever
Fremantle: Weller, Blakely, Hamling, Spurr

Adelaide: Nil
Fremantle: Nil

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Foot, Hosking, McInerney

Official crowd: 42,415 at Adelaide Oval

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