Round 10 – Sydney v Hawthorn: Another Classic

Another Classic

Sydney versus Hawthorn

7.50pm, Friday 26 May

Sydney Cricket Ground

Aidan Hammond


Hawthorn vs. Sydney. Rivalry. These go together. One of the best rivalries in the AFL.



I wake up and kind of wish I was in Geelong because it would be an amazing game tonight. They are playing Port Adelaide tonight and it could be one of the games of the year. I go to school and get a headache. Have tennis training and just play through it. Somehow I did it. Got home then had some Panadol, then work on some of my homework. Oh Yes, now my homework is done. Time to work on one of my almanac reports. I finish it and submit for review and then I see that it is 6:30. It is time for the football game which is Geelong Cats, versus the bad SA team which Is Port Adelaide. Who will win? I reckon the Cats will win. The Cats are really inaccurate to start off with and then the Power get some easy goals and somehow they are ahead. In quarter 2 it’s evened out, it’s a really good game. At half time I see 7 plays, Eddie’s dribble goal is number 2. I have to not be tired for my Friday Night footy game tomorrow so I have to go to bed at 3 quarter time.



What!? I come to school to hear all about the game last night. Damn! I wished I had watched it. So from what I hear, Dangerfield kicked the winning goal for Geelong to win by 2 points. Apparently he was in the middle of a pack and scooped the ball up in the last minute to kick the goal. Port fans thought that they could never hate Patrick Dangerfield even more, but they thought wrong. They also told me that they got robbed. By the umpires. Charlie Dixon was on the mark too long. That rule is actually not on the AFL rules on the website. When I get home from school I get ready for my football. Then I go to the football match. I kicked the goal that set the example for the 3 goal win. I picked the ball at the back of the pack then ran and bounced into an open goal. I get an award at the end, it was a caramel chocolate bar. At the end I get home. 13 minutes to go. It was great. Amazing. Possibly the best 13 minutes I have seen. It ends with Roughie. Roughie after all he has been through wins it! Legend.


SYDNEY         2.4   4.6   9.7   11.9 (75)
HAWTHORN   5.1   8.3  10.6  12.9 (81)

Sydney: Franklin 5, Heeney 2, Papley, Kennedy, Jones, Rohan
Hawthorn: Bruest 3, Burgoyne 2, Whitecross 2, Gunston, Puopolo, Sicily, Cousins, Roughead


Sydney: Franklin, Hannebery, Kennedy, Heeney, Rampe, Smith
Hawthorn: Burgoyne, Shiels, Mitchell, Smith, Burton, Hodge

Sydney: Jake Lloyd (concussion), Sam Reid (concussion)
Hawthorn: Nil

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Donlon, Fisher, Rosebury

Official crowd: 36,221 at the SCG

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