Round 11 – Port Adelaide v Hawthorn: Finished


Port Adelaide versus Hawthorn

7.20pm, Friday 2 June

Adelaide Oval

Aidan Hammond


Well, no offence to the Hawthorn supporters who are reading this which is probably none because they are so depressed about the game. You guys are finished, it’s the Crows turn to take out everything. This brings joy to me. Gee, I’m sorry about that. I’m watching the weather and seeing the lows, it’s only the first day of winter. Last night it was autumn and we got frost on our lawn. I keep thinking its Friday. Some Port Adelaide supporters at school keep saying that they won’t win. They are half-decent now. I don’t want to admit but Port are half-decent. It is not hard at all to admit that the Crows are the best team in the AFL. They say that Port are the real deal because of their percentage. They need to win big to convince me that they are the real deal.


The match starts off with Hawthorn, no, I mean the very start, the first ten second precisely. Yeah, they don’t score a thing to quarter time. No nothing, 0. That is the first time in something like 500 games that it has happened to them, and in Port’s around 400 game history it has never happened. The Crows have done that something like 3 times. But Port are so good, maybe a bit better than half decent. They are playing in a way that makes Hawthorn unable to score. Let’s give a round of applause to Hawthorn for scoring an amazing 3 points in that quarter. Well on the plus side for them they did restrict Port to 3 goals. At half time I see the hilarious 7 plays, 7 days. Then I have dinner in front of the footy. I see that Hawthorn’s first 2 goals of the game are given. I don’t really remember much of the rest of the game. Only that Port should have run away with it but only won by about 50 points. They ended up getting outscored in the second half. But with Hawthorn’s 3 points at half time, I think we can say season 2017 and their golden era is well and truly finished!


PORT ADELAIDE   6.5   9.8   10.15   13.20   (98)

HAWTHORN           0.0   0.3      3.4      7.5     (47) 



Port Adelaide: Dixon 4, Impey 2, S.Gray, Ah Chee, Powell-Pepper, R.Gray, Broadbent, Boak, Ryder

Hawthorn: Sicily 2, Roughead 2, Breust 2, Puopolo


Port Adelaide: Ebert, Dixon, Wines, Ah Chee, Hartlett, Hombsch, Polec

Hawthorn: Burton, Mitchell, Hodge



Hawthorn: Nil

Port Adelaide: Nil

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Dagleigh, Chamberlain, Findlay, Fleer

Official crowd: 37,910

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