Round 12 – Adelaide v St Kilda: The Rough, The Joy, The Heartbreak

The Rough, The Joy, The Heartbreak

Adelaide versus St Kilda

7.20pm, Friday 9 June

Adelaide Oval

Aidan Hammond


The Rough:

We went camping on Friday night. I had SAPSASA knockout footy training. After that we get home and finish packing for camping. We drive for an hour to Mount Crawford, we go to the checkout place and go to chalks campground.  My dad builds the fire while I start pitching up our tent. My Dad helps me finish and we get our mattress and our sleeping bag ready. We sit in front of the fire. Dad has a beer, I have a ginger beer, and we have some shapes. In front of the warm fire. It was nice. We cook some tin chili con carne, we eat it and then we are so cosy. For dessert we have wagon wheels. Then we go to bed. In the morning the gas stove doesn’t work so we have to gather firewood. We have to cook bacon, eggs and toast. We have breakfast then wash up and pack up. We get home and then we check the score of Adelaide v St Kilda yes!


The Joy:

Adelaide v St Kilda. When we are going to the parade, we check the stats of the score. We see Rory Sloane didn’t go very well. My mum tells me Sam Jacobs played a really good game. After the Redlegs game we watch the Crows while we eat pizza, also while we play Minecraft. I see at quarter time St Kilda have only kicked 3 goals, the Crows did really well but not as much in the last quarter. It is normally the opposite way around for the Crows. Saint Kilda were so focused on stopping the Crows from their amazing offense but they just forgot to attack. They also didn’t get all of the boxes ticked to stop the Adelaide Crows offense. They ticked one box to tag Rory Sloane and succeed on restricting him to 14 disposals. The Crows did so well, they deserve heaps of things. On Sunday when I get back from the park with my family in the car to my grandparents. I see that GWS lost by 1. Crows are top!


The Heartbreak:

When we get home from camping he see that the Crows won. I have a couple of hours before I have to get ready for the game. I wear my Norwood Guernsey, Scarf and Cap. I drive to the parade. I think the Redlegs can win. The match starts off with the Redlegs. The Redlegs are really good. We are beating Crows by quite a lot. I really want this to be the best football year ever. I need the Crows, Redlegs and the Cats to win in the men’s. The Walkerville Cats, definitely not the Geelong Cats. I would hate that to happen. In the second quarter I watch the game and the mini Crows get the lead back a bit. I walk around with my Uncle to the other side of the Parade. I got some more frappe for free for Elliott. All the way to the last minute it is close. Brady kicks it, we say siren, yes, we experience it, heartbreak, and they kick the winner. :(


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ADELAIDE     5.6       8.9       11.11  16.15 (111)

ST KILDA       1.1       2.4       3.10    7.12 (54)



Adelaide: Lynch 3, Jenkins 3,Walker 3, Betts 2, Sloane, Otten, Milera, Smith, Beech

St Kilda: Bruce 4, Stevens, Billings, McCartin



Adelaide: Lynch, Jacobs, Atkins, Douglas, Laird, Lever, Smith

St Kilda: Ross, Stevens, Newnes, Geary, Bruce



Adelaide: Nil

St Kilda: Weller (ankle), Carlisle (hamstring), Brown (hamstring)




Umpires: Rosebury, Hosking, Schmitt, Mollison

Official crowd: 46,082, at Adelaide Oval

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