Round 17 – Adelaide v Collingwood: Moment


Adelaide versus Collingwood


7.10, Saturday 16 July


Adelaide Oval, Adelaide


Aidan Hammond Aged 10




1. A very brief period of time.


2. “The moment was of little issue to the electorate”

It was the Moment. That magical Moment. It didn’t go to plan. Who gives a stuff? The whole Adelaide Oval does. But not as much as they always do. I get a free yellow T-Shirt. I don’t put it on. It’s a night like that when it shouldn’t be. The Crows got in the top 2 but the 50,012 people at the Adelaide Oval wanted more. No one wants to win ugly. The Crows are brilliant at it. I don’t care if they win the premiership ugly I just want them to win the premiership.


The day started on the treadmill then strength workouts. I had to go to a musical performance called wicked, then went to the Adelaide Oval ready for the big thrashing. What the hell!? People think Collingwood might win, I just say sure they will.


We go into the Adelaide Oval members section and walk around, buy a record, stuff like that. We find our seats and turns out we’re sitting in front of someone from our school. We take a selfie eat some food and by then horrible old Collingwood are running through the banner. Collingwood are cleaner cut then I expected them to be.


Soon the flames go up and the Crows run through the banner. Battle of the birds! They start their warm ups. I think about the Talia Cloke match up. Was Travis Cloke’s glove helping him to mark? I don’t think so because Travis Cloke has been one of the best contested marks when he was in form, and he was building up to that form. Who cares about the glove now that it is banned? I defiantly don’t!


I heard something really rare during the week, my stepsister who is a Carlton supporter likes Collingwood better than the Crows. As a Carlton supporter. I told her that was outrages and needs to be fixed. She didn’t give a stuff. Fine as long as the Crows win the premiership she will change to them for the summer then when the footy season starts she goes back to Carlton, (It happens every year with the Hawks). But my prediction was Crows were going to blow the game open by 79 points. My friend’s prediction was different saying Crows would win ugly by 31 points. He was much closer.


The game started off with Collingwood entries and no reward. They were kicking from outside 50 and got no reward. What not to do against the Crows. The Crows rebound and get the first goal like they have done for the whole year. Geese Nathan Buckley this is annoying and I don’t even go for you team! Okay, calm down Aidan. Your team is leading and you’re speaking gibberish to Nathan Buckley, plus the coach’s box is on the other side of the ground. Okay you’re stressed out Aidan. It is close, Crows with the 20 point lead at quarter time, I am thank full.


Collingwood look to walk through it but Adelaide get the momentum back in the second quarter. I can’t see much Collingwood aggression to Paul Seedsman. Most Adelaide people forgot that he is playing against his old side, they were too focused on Scotty, O Scotty. One of the games champions waiting for the Hall of Fame letter.


Third Quarter: Betts Behind, Lynch Goal then the Moment. Scott Thompson marks it 40 metres out on a slight angle. You could imagine how this would happen. For a fairy tale. It’s a tough kick, Scotty can do it. He steps in and has hooked it. The whole Adelaide Oval is shocked and so am I. It’s unlike Scotty and like the Crows. There’s nothing to highlight in the third except the Eddie Betts goal after the siren. Enter Rory Atkins. Promising young gun. Promising? He’s a ripper. Runs with the ball uses his speed, balance and finesse to break through some Magpies then kick truly. He has a very bright future ahead and is unbelievably promising, he will break a record, most B&F awards for pick 81. Crows run out winning ugly, again. Top two premiership contender right here: Adelaide Crows.

Adelaide           5.2   8.7    11.12   14.13 (97)

Collingwood     1.6   5.7    8.7      10.9   (69)


Adelaide: Betts 3, Lyons 2, Lynch 2, Walker, Jacobs, Jenkins, McGovern, Henderson, Atkins, Cameron

Collingwood: Greenwood 2, Crisp 2, Cloke 2, Varcoe, Moore, Adams, Aish


Adelaide: Smith, Sloane, Talia, Lyons, Crouch, Lever

Collingwood: Grundy, Pendlebury, Treloar, Sinclair, Crisp

Umpires:Meredith, Margetts, Fleer. Crowd: 50,012 

Our Votes: B.Crouch (A) 3, Sloane (A) 2, Smith (A) 1,


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