Round 17 – Geelong v Essendon: No, No, No

This is my first report in a long time. Over the past two weeks, I have been busy playing tennis tournaments  and  I went up to Queensland for a week. I have had very successful holidays getting a dozen ranking points and three trophies!

In my first tournament, I defeated four people before coming unstuck in the final getting beaten well. I made up for it in the doubles with my brother Ed by winning. At my next tournament, I came third losing to the champion in the semis and coming runner-up in the doubles.   Essendon however are having a mixed bag of results in the last fortnight. A massive loss against St Kilda a fortnight ago showed that Essendon need to win most of their matches if they want to get to the top four, but a big win against Port last week was great. That’s Essendon in the middle of the year.

When we came back from nice sunny Queensland, it started to rain. I hoped it wasn’t going to rain for the Essendon match. We don’t play well in the wet (Melbourne game for instance…). Even though we were expected to win tonight, I wasn’t confident. We always are unconvincing at this stage of the season, especially against a desperate Geelong side that need to win to stay in the top eight.

As usual on a Friday, coming back from my tennis squad was the first time I got to see the score. As I expected, Essendon were losing. Thirteen points didn’t seem a lot, Geelong however can get the lead up in no time. A quick goal just before half-time left me grimacing in my seat.

The third quarter made my suspicions correct. Six goals to three third quarter, and it could have been more if it hadn’t been for Tom Bellchambers. He kicked three goals and dominated the ruck as he had in the early rounds. Essendon couldn’t match Geelong which showed some of the form that had won them the premiership. Stevie J got subbed out because of tightness (imagine if he had stayed on).

The last quarter was a coaster for Geelong. A 67 point win summed up the night. Hawkins finished with five goals and Smedts three. For Essendon only Bellchambers and Watson could hold their head high. Geelong’s pressure was just too good for the hapless Dons. We have a very tough match next week against Hawthorn and we need to win it if we have any chance of the top four. Lift!

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