Round 2 – Adelaide v Collingwood: The Best Day of Footy

By Aidan Hammond

Age 9

Adelaide vs. Collingwood

On Saturday mornings I have footy training for Walkerville football club. I will tell you how the best day of footy became the best day of footy. It started on Friday when it was sports day at the school I go to. It was fun with all the relays and games but at the end when they were giving the results my house team had an unexpected and disappointing 4th place. I was disappointed for a bit but then I eventually got my mind off it because after sports day when we were waiting for someone to pick us up we got to do whatever we wanted so then my Grandpa (Gubby) picked me up coz I had a sleepover at their house. Then when I woke up at 9:30 I had footy training. It went well so I ticked one box of best footy day next 2 boxes are Norwood winning against Central District and Crows winning against Collingwood then I went to a nice cafe.

Then I went home and got ready to go to the Norwood match. I got ready then we picked up my 2 uncles and my 2 cousins. Gubby has a big car so 7 people can fit in it. We all went to the oval. The trip wasn’t the best for me because I had to sit in the very back. Eventually when we got there I tried to keep a look out for my friend Joseph but never saw him. When we go to the SANFL there is normally a bouncy castle so if there is we always sit near it. I never went on to the bouncy castle. The good thing about the SANFL is that kids are free and the tickets are cheap. Nothing can beat live footy. You see how fast they run, how far they kick, the real teamwork and everything. I was standing up at the fence trying to grab the ball when it went over the boundary. Norwood were winning through the whole way, but only by something like 2 goals.

In the end Norwood got a good 4 goal win. 2 boxes ticked now 1 more to get the best day of footy. The final box is crows to win against Collingwood. It was only 1-8 Crows’ way but then when I got back crows were dominant and well ahead. Tex and Danger both did well. If Crows can keep this up they will do well in this season. So that’s the story of how an ordinary day can become the best day of footy.

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