Round 2 – Essendon v Melbourne: Hooray!

Essendon versus Melbourne, Well, I dread when we verse them. Melbourne is our bogey team. The last three times we versed them we lost. Even though Melbourne got thumped last week by Port Adelaide and we beat Adelaide, but I was still nervous. We were looking good though with Goddard, Watson, Howlett and Stanton looking good for another season. I had other pressing matters on my mind earlier in the week.


I played a tennis tournament in Ringwood this week. My first round match went for four hours before I finally prevailed in three sets. Second round match was a walkover and Ed and I won our doubles. A good first day I thought. Next morning I could barely move I was so stiff, but I won my singles in two sets against the 16th seed. Then I versed the third seed and got beaten pretty easily. Then my back started really hurting during the doubles and I had to retire. So it was a good tournament, but it hurt towards the end.


Going back to the main topic now. Footy! When you switch the footy on Channel 7, I like to hear the commentary. Trust me, there is a lot of commentary an hour before the footy starts. You hear lots of opinions about everything from beards to boots. For Melbourne however, that’s probably the only joy they got.


The first quarter started off with a flurry of straight goals five to Essendon, one to Melbourne. Essendon were dominating the clearances, and Melbourne looked like last week. Heppell and Bellchambers were outstanding as was Stanton and Watson.


The second quarter was the beginning of a training run. Essendon kicked seven goals to two. The commentating team talked about Melbourne’s woes and their beards. A lot about their beards, When they came off for half time, they showed close ups of the Melbourne players coming off. I reckon, 60 to 70 % of them wore beards or side-burns.


The third quarter although great to watch from my perspective, it was like watching a reserve grade Melbourne team (I’m trying not to be mean, but it was true). Crameri kicked more goals, Ryder dominated the ruck and Watson dominated the centre/roving. Melbourne kicked just one goal.


The last quarter I didn’t see since I had to go to bed, but Dad recorded it so I watched it early on Sunday (very early since daylight savings just finished). Melbourne kicked one point. Essendon just strolled around accumulating disposals and goals. The 148 point margin I think reflected the game. For Melbourne some of the players put up a good fight, others barely touched the ball. The demons I think need to regroup and train one on one. For my beloved Dons, finally some cheer against Melbourne!

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