Round 2: Hawthorn v Adelaide – 2 Premierships, 1 Part of a Journey to a Premiership, 1 Day

2 Premierships, 1 Part of a Journey to a Premiership, 1 Day

Hawthorn versus Adelaide

1.45, Saturday 1 April

MCG, Melbourne

Aidan Hammond Aged 10

Ah. I wake up at 6:00 am. Can’t get back to sleep. I may as well write my report on the Dogs v Swans game. It’s time to get ready for tennis. The Semi Final is 1. ETKG (Us) vs. 4. Rostrevor and 2. Stradbroke vs. 3. Athelstone. If you are wondering what ETKG stands for it stands for East Torrens Kensington Gardens. Two clubs merged together. Stradbroke beat Athelstone so if ETKG win we would be playing against Stradbroke.


We play 1 doubles and 2 singles in a 3 man team. So that means one person plays doubles, one person plays singles and one person plays both. I play just the one singles and I win my singles 4-0. We win the doubles 4-1 and the other singles game is 4-3. So in total it is 12-4 in our favour. ETKG is into the Grand Final. ETKG vs. Stradbroke. The Doubles start of quite well but they get us back and they win 4-0. Normally we don’t play against aggressive doubles teams but Stradbroke were really aggressive. Then it’s up to the singles. We win the one that I’m not playing in 4-0. My friend tells me that when I’m 2-0 up in a deuce. That was probably the most important point in the game. I won it. It was 40-15 and I was up 3-0. I told myself championship point. Double Fault! Uh. Ok I told myself that again. Huge Shank! Yes 0-15. Yes 0-30. Yes 0-40. YES! Premiership! ETKG Have won the premiership. What a year. The Final Score: 8-5. ETKG are and remain undefeated. OK!


We go home and then we do some things around the house. Then we go and get ready for the Redlegs v Roosters SANFL Women’s Grand Final. When I’m packing up I listen to the radio and I hear that Crows. Uh oh, we are late to the SANFL game. The scores are tied at 6. The rest was pretty even, at the breaks we went out for a kick on the oval.


After half time we go and get some Crows women’s players signatures, the highlight of the signatures being Sarah Perkins my Cousin Sasha’s friend. We go up and get a hot dog at Dinkum Dogs and the hot dogs there are amazing, they are the best hot dogs that I have ever had. The 3rd quarter was tight. The 4th quarter the Redlegs run away with it and win the first SANFL women’s premiership. It felt really good to win two premierships in one day, Tennis and footy, boys and women.


We go back home and watch the replay of the Crows v Hawthorn game at home. Hawthorn have an early run in the first quarter, but in the second quarter the Crows draw it back a bit. The 3rd quarter the Crows gain the lead and in the 4th we seal it.


Hawthorn: Breust 4, Puopolo 3, Roughead 2, Mitchell, Shiels, Vickery, Rioli
Adelaide: Betts 3, Mackay 3, Walker 2, Lynch, Jacobs, Cameron, Atkins, McGovern, Otten, Sloane, Brown


Hawthorn: Mitchell, O’Meara, Puopolo, Gunston, Burgoyne
Adelaide: Jacobs, Sloane, Smith, Mackay, Crouch, Betts, Talia


Umpires: Margetts, Nicholls, Mitchell  Crowd: 37,420

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