Round 3 – Adelaide v Melbourne: Still Top Spot

Adelaide vs. Melbourne

By Aidan Hammond (9 y.o)

Saturday morning, waking up to footy training, at 4:30. Wait rewind 4:30, go back to sleep and restart. Saturday morning, waking up to footy training, at 7:30, better! Um couldn’t be bothered making toast. But I could be bothered playing. Dad woke up. You haven’t had breakfast says dad. At least I’m in my footy gear. Surprisingly hungry this morning. Whoops now I’m late for footy training. So footy training now. Yeah it was an ok one but now we are home. Ok 3 footy matches on today only allowed watching one. North Adelaide vs. Port Adelaide in the SANFL. In the AFL Crows vs. Melbourne and North Melbourne vs. Port Adelaide. Which one? Um no brainer I’m a Crows supporter. I am expecting them to win by ten goals. I want to see them do that? So I’m pretty bored until dad says I can watch the rest of the SANFL. When it ends the crows are playing. I’m actually kind of nervous at the start of the match because we lost to Melbourne last year and who knows what they are going to turn up like. Maybe playing as dominant as hawthorn or their side like they normally play. That side I expect crows to beat them by at least 10 goals. First bounce crows have the clearance but then Melbourne defend it and kick the next 3 goals.

Suddenly flash backs from last year’s game came into my head. Can it be happening? Every crow supporter loved Bernie Vince until he won best on ground for Melbourne and they won by 3 points. OK I am just dreaming Melbourne are not beating us by 22 points then crows kick the next 3 goals all of a sudden at quarter time it’s a 3 point margin and I’m feeling much more confident. I think it’s just slack in the 1st quarter. I’m sure Phil Walsh will have a good chat with the crows’ players. Quarter 2 um crows are better but not as dominant as I wanted them to be. Its Melbourne they have been bad for a while now. Crows did way better in their last 2 matches. Melbourne are doing better than they did in their last matches. Crows were a bit unlucky but they still should beat them how they are playing. At half time crows were leading. Pretty much the same thing in the premiership quarter. But in the 4th quarter crows were dominant and ended up getting a 25 point win. Not what I expected but it keeps us up at the top of the ladder.


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