Round 3 – Fremantle v Essendon: Another close call

Well, what a week. Playing another tournament, counting down the days until school starts again (I want to be on holidays for a long time) and doing the holiday homework that I have been putting off for two weeks (I did it in a hour). So, this match came on rather quickly. Just after dinner, my dad asked me when the footy started? I said, “ Schnitzel! Supercoach and footy tipping!” My supercoach is not going as well as last year based on poor recruiting. Watson as captain has been my only good move.

I tipped Essendon tonight even after the turmoil we went through this week. The first quarter I saw, however, wished I picked Fremantle.

There were seven and a half minutes without a score until Fremantle kicked the first behind, but in the next 14 minutes, Fremantle dismantled (get it) Essendon to lead by 30 points at quarter time. Watson was held and at one stage in the quarter, Fremantle had had 86% of the footy in their half. I thought that the win last week didn’t prepare us for Fremantle’s Ross Lyon style of defending.

The second term wasn’t much better. Essendon couldn’t get the clearances or move the ball from half-back. Essendon’s only goal was a fluke. Hurley lined up; the ball went off the side of his boot and hit Crameri on the chest. Thank goodness he scored. Fremantle continued to hold us up in the wet conditions creating stoppage after stoppage. I tried to lighten the mood by making some jokes with my interesting sense of humour. “ Who is that best at grammar in the Essendon team?” “ Nick Kommer (comma get it!!!!!!). This just added to my family’s woes.

James Hird must have given Essendon a great speech or a spray because they came out firing. After being one goal eight midway through the quarter, we kicked four straight goals. Then we kicked a fifth. So from being 36 points down, we were only three points down at three quarter time.

The last quarter was thrilling, but the last six minutes was a rollercoaster. After being ten points ahead, Fremantle dug deep and drew level. In those six minutes, there was effort, after effort, after effort. We kicked a goal, but it was disallowed. Jake Carlisle fought off three defenders to clear the ball (he played really well). Ryder snapped a goal with a minute left. “That’s it,” I thought, “clear up and go home.” I WAS WRONG! Fremantle got the clearance and Duffield kicked the ball right into the goal square. It bounced the right way for us. Hibberd kicked the ball out and it came back in. Mundy having kicked three snapped from 13 metres out and HIT THE POST! Essendon then had to survive another Fremantle assault before Stanton kicked the ball on the siren. We had won. Fremantle players lay on the ground stunned, Essendon exploded in celebration.

I was so surprised that we won. Three from three so far this season! This year I think we have something special.

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