Round 3 – Sydney v Collingwood: Nobody

Sydney versus Collingwood

7.20pm, Friday 7 April

Sydney Cricket Ground

Aidan Hammond Aged 11

It’s a tough one. When you look and think about it, this game could go either way tonight. The Swans have not been good this year. They have faced some quality opposition but they overall have not been good this year. They are letting the other team move the ball. The Magpies are getting aspects of the game right but they are not converting on the scoreboard. It looks like it’s turning out to be another nothing season for the Magpies.


Tonight we will see if the Swans can bounce back and win in front of their home crowd at the SCG or can the Pies make their mark in unknown territory. I don’t know but I know that it is going to be a really good match tonight. It’s a big match for another reason tonight as well, because it is Lance Franklin’s 250th game and he is almost on 800 goals. He has been a phenomenal player, a once in a generation player. He is known for his trademark run toward the left flank kick about 55 or 60m kick and nearly every time he gets it through the posts.


1 Minute in and Collingwood have 2 entries, but Naismith has intercepted them both, is it going to be that sort of night? Well Alex Fasolo said No and kicked a goal one minute later. 3 Behinds to the pies another nothing night? Nope says Alex Fasolo again. He’s got a second of the Magpie’s goals. Crisp scores and it is looking like swans are going to go down tonight. I have never seen an AFL season where the Swans haven’t done well. This could be the first AFL season where I see that. Everyone is doubting the Swans at this point but the SCG cheers them on to their first goal through Robbie Fox. Fasolo scores his 3rd and the Magpies get a very good start. Levi Greenwood should have scored a goal, it would have been very helpful to his team.


The Pies are 4.4 better but not as they would have hoped for. The second quarter is a bit more even, Jesse White kicks a very notable goal from the boundary line 50 metres out. That is what Collingwood want, good set shots, kicking more accurately, all of those things, they’re improving a lot. I thought the 3rd quarter would be like the Adelaide v Hawthorn game, the Swans would hit the lead in the 3rd quarter and then in the last they would blow the game open but the Pies stuck in there and they were still winning at 3 quarter time. Then in the last quarter the Swans wanted to win it. The Pies also wanted to win it and stick in there. The Swans are charging and the Pies could lose. Wow this is a game, an amazing game, the best game. Can the Pies stick in there? Yes! 1 point. The Pies win and Sydney go 0-3 what a start to the year nobody would have predicted this, Nobody!


Sydney               1.1   5.7   7.11  11.13 (79)
Collingwood     4.4   7.4    9.8   11.14 (80)



Sydney:                      Hayward 3, Jack 2, Fox, Hannebery, Kennedy, S. Reid, Florent, Newman
Collingwood:            Fasolo 4, Varcoe 2, Crisp, White, Greenwood, Treloar, Hoskin-Elliott



Sydney:                            Hannebery, Lloyd, Jones, Kennedy, Mills, Marsh
Collingwood:                  Adams, Grundy, Sidebottom, Fasolo, Treloar, Crisp


Umpires: Stevic, Nicholls, Hay Crowd: 35,310

Our Votes: 1 A.Fasolo CM, 2 T.Adams CM, 3 A.Treloar CM

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