Round 4 – Adelaide v Essendon: A Remarkable Weekend

A Remarkable Weekend

Adelaide versus Essendon

7:10pm Saturday 15 April

Adelaide Oval

Aidan Hammond Aged 11

I’m excited for this weekend, it starts on Thursday. Sports day so I get ready for sports day and I go in my Australia one day top because I am in the yellow house. After that we have the chant and the heath hustle. My house came 2nd for the chant. Then after that we go to the classroom and the teacher tells us what division race we’re in. I’m in division 1 so I am really nervous about it.


After that we go and we do these ridiculous things that aren’t even sports. We squeeze a sponge and drop the water in the other side of the bucket and the other one is where you have to put a wig, sunnies, necklace and tutu on. After that we do high jump and long jump. Then we do some other dumb races like a sack race and throwing an ug boot into a hoop. Then we play some basketball which is fun because my house team win. After basketball we have the “Marathon” which is running around the school as many times as you can in 15 minutes. I got second in my class.


Then after that we had lunch and then was the sprints. My race came and I missed the call of go and I was behind, I made up for it a bit but not enough, I came 2nd to last but I am still 7th out of over 100 kids. Then when all the sprints are done we finish with them announcing the results, and we win. At the end we celebrate and then after that we get picked up. I have to go to tennis training.


After that we have a nice sleep. Next day on Friday we get ready to go to our yearly camping at Melrose. We have a stop off at Claire on the way there then we get there. My cousin Elliot and I have a long kick of the footy, then we get back to the campsite. I watch a bit of the Roos v Dogs game and then we have a campfire.


The best way to toast your marshmallows is to put it in the flames and let it catch on fire, give it 3 seconds and blow it out. I call it “Char grilled marshmallows”.  Then after that we go and have a sleep, in the morning we play tennis then I go for a run. Then I have fruchoc icecream. Then we play some more tennis. And then we have a campfire, after the campfire I go in the car to listen to the Crows match. It sounds like Eddie, Tex and the 2 Rorys are having good games. The Crows win by a big 65. Essendon won the 3rd quarter though.


The next morning we have an Easter egg hunt and then we climb up Mount Remarkable then we chill out for the rest of the day. Go out to the pub for dinner and head back to Adelaide on Monday. We didn’t have lunch until 3pm. We went to Sushi Train and I ate heaps.


ADELAIDE    9.2       15.6     17.7     24.9 (153)

ESSENDON  3.2       7.2       10.9     13.10 (88)



Adelaide: Betts 6, Walker 5, Otten 2, Atkins 2, Sloane 2, Lynch 2, Cameron, Menzel, Laird, Douglas

Essendon: McDonald-Tipungwuti 4, Colyer 3, Langford 2, Daniher 2, Fantasia, Zaharakis



Adelaide: Walker, Betts, Sloane Laird, Jacobs, Smith

Essendon: Colyer, Merrett, Goddard, Kelly, Zaharakis, Daniher


Umpires: Deboy, Schmitt, Kamolins Crowd: 47,000

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