Round 4 – St Kilda v Essendon: Bombers are no Saints

Well it’s Round Four again. We are in exactly the same position as last year. We have not lost a match. We are in good form, after a very exciting win against Fremantle the previous week. There is one thing nagging on my mind though, it is the suspensions of Paddy Ryder and Nick Kommer. They are both going to miss Anzac Day, which is very annoying. Also there are two injuries, Stuart Crameri was a late withdrawal and Dustin Fletcher got omitted with a groin injury. I was still confident that we were going to win.

I went over to a friend’s house today so I didn’t get to see the first quarter. Anyway I found out it was on Foxtel. Damn! Luckily the ABC had it on so I camped in my room and listened to the game on my crackling radio.

By the time I got back it was the second quarter. I heard and later watched Davey’s killer goal. The commentators were amazed by the goal. They said it could be the goal of the year. Then the very next goal was a ripper by Stanton. This was overshadowed by Davey’s goal. We went in to half time with a 31-point lead. A melee broke out when Saad missed on the siren. Man that would have been interesting to watch.

The third quarter saw us get to a fifty-point lead and then I had to have a delicious dinner of seafood marina. When I came back I was alarmed to find the lead only 35 points at three quarter time with Riewoldt coming back.

I needn’t have worried though. We kicked away and won by 37 points. Goddard was brilliant as was Watson and Stanton. Hurley is likely to miss Anzac Day with an ankle injury. Overall, it was a very good day for my Bombers. Hopefully we can continue our winning streak against the Pies on ANZAC Day.

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