Round 5 – Essendon v Collingwood: What a Day!

Well ANZAC Day comes around and it’s a time of year to remember our soldiers, have a day off and glare at some Pies supporters. We had lost to Collingwood the last seven times we had versed, but you can’t be negative right? We have won our first four games so I can be a bit positive.

We did have a very close run to get to the start of the footy. We went shopping until the very start of the game. We were all parked on the couch by the time the game started though.

The first quarter you could see the nerves of the players as they ran out. Collingwood kicked the first score of the game but they couldn’t score a goal. Essendon also kept missing. It took a brilliant goal by Zaharakis to break the deadlock.  Gumbleton a late inclusion for Hurley, kicked his first goal. It took a good mark from Blair (the guy who won it last year) to kick the Pies first. At the end of the first quarter, Essendon had kicked 2.3 to Collingwood’s 1.5. We only lead by four points though.

The second quarter was a highly entertaining affair. After Fasolo kicked a behind, Davey and Zaharakis both crumbed goals. I was thinking we might win this after all. Then my fantasy was ruined for the moment. Cloke kicked his first goal and after last week’s effort, I could see him kick a few more. Carlisle was doing a great job on him. Then suddenly, Essendon kicked two goals with Winderlich (I just love that name) and Jobe Watson. 19 points up was a good result to go into half time with but Collingwood wouldn’t let up. Blair and Sidebottom both kicked goals and Collingwood were in the fifty again when the siren blew. I breathed a sigh of relief. All that great quarter for basically nothing wouldn’t have been great. Collingwood could have even got the lead.

The third quarter started in a very similar way to the second quarter. Essendon kicked four goals and four behinds before Collingwood even got on the board. Zaharakis kicked a goal followed by Crameri and then Winderlich kicked two. As Collingwood do, they struck back. My dad had to tell me to stop shouting I was so loud. They kicked the next three goals. The lead was down to 12 points. Luckily we got two free kicks and kicked the last two goals. We were ahead by 24 points.

The last quarter saw Collingwood kick the first two goals. They were coming. My dad predicted that the Pies would overrun us. I don’t have to say the rest. I can just say six words. SEE THE BOMBERS FLY UP UP! We dominated after Collingwood’s goals to win by 46 points. A deserving ANZAC day medalist in Zaharakis with his 4 goals and 34 disposals.. The season is looking good. The last time we were 5-0 was 2000. Hopefully we can have a season like 2000 this year.

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