Second Test Day Three – Australia v Sri Lanka: What a Day!

Night before:



Johnson 73

Lyon 0

Injuries list Watson, Welegdara, and P.Jayawardene



Dad and I took the early train to the city. This was my first trip with my new myki. It is certainly more environmentally friendly. Sometimes the touchpad takes a while to respond but apart from that it is cool. We got off in the mad rush and got on Punt Road to go to the MCG. On the way to our seat we had to overcome the main obstacles.


  1. Cricket commentary radios. $20. Is it worth it? For the 5th year in the row I don’t think so.
  2. Freebies. This year, free milo cups and lenses wipe. Vodafone customers got free cricket radios. We did get the watermelon hats and a 4,6 signs.
  3. Fast Foods: There were tons of stores that sold chips and other stuff.
  4. Finding a program: This year there was no program. I wasted 10 minutes looking for a program.
  5. Finding our seat: This year general admission was at the Olympic Stand. We walked halfway around the MCG only to find that we were in the Olympic stand in the first place, so we walked back
  6. Rain: When we sat down it rained a misty rain. We thought of moving under the shelter. It stopped eventually.


These are the quirky things I love about going to the cricket. You never know what to expect.  I certainly didn’t expect what was going to happen today.


The Australian batting rounded off as expected. Johnson got 92 not out and Lyon and Bird got out for one and zero respectively.  Sri Lanka I think felt good about going into bat.


During the innings break, we got to hear the five men talking behind me. It was really interesting to hear. They talked about only 73 people got evicted from the MCG on Boxing day and that was really low. They were convinced that Bird was a New South Welshman, but I knew otherwise. They also talked about how the “Lord of the Rings” was unwatchable and how their club was a good batting side, but their bowlers weren’t that great. I listened with interest.


In the next passage of play I stopped listening and watched the cricket. Something miraculous happened. The left-handed opener got run out in a bad mistake followed the very next ball by Dilshan following victim to that vicious Johnson short ball. Cowan caught him. Then Jayawardene and Sangakkara came in. Oh no…. But my negativity backfired when Bird bowled Jayawardene when Jayawardene hit the ball on his stumps 3/3!!!!!

Sri Lanka was in a collapse. Their losses further increased when Bird got Samaraweera LBW. 4/13!!! Mathews and Sangakkara got in a good partnership to lunch.


At lunch, the Milo Kids came out. When I was seven, I was very lucky to do it on Boxing Day. It brought back good memories seeing those cute kids play cricket.


When the Johnson short ball hit Sangakkara in the index finger and he had to retire. After lunch they were in trouble.  Prasad came and Mathews pulled Johnson onto the stumps for 35. Prasad got hit by another Johnson short ball and called the trainer. It didn’t seem to affect him as he hit two sixes off Nathan Lyon before he skied one. Nathan Lyon waved farewell. Siddle got the last wicket as Eranga tapped one to Cowan. We won! 7/103 shows that Johnson not only got the man of the match he has greatly increased our chances of winning the Sydney Test because Sangakkara is out for the rest of the tour (not that I am suggesting I like it).


So Dad and I got back on the train and headed back home early. What a day!


Sri Lanka has Dilshan, Sangakkara, Jayawardene and Samaraweera all retiring soon. It is a rebuilding process for Sri Lanka as it is for Australia. They are just at different stages and that was the difference.




Sri Lanka 156 and 7/103

Australia 460

Australia wins by an innings and 201 runs


Injury list


Australia                                                                            Sri Lanka

Watson                                                                               Sangakkara

Cummins                                                                           P. Jayawardene

Pattinson                                                                          Welegdara

Hilfenhaus                                                                        Kulasekara

Clarke                                                                                 Prasad (maybe)


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