Sports of All Sorts

Sports of all sorts

By Anastasia Dimitriadis

Grade 6


As a little child, sport has always been and still is one of my main passions. My dad, who has wanted me to be a die-hard Collingwood fan since the day I was born, is the main reason I love sport so much. So many people tell me that my dad and I are like two peas in a pod with how alike we are. My mother on the other hand is a whole different story. Her and I are like polar opposites. I love to be active and play sport 24/7 while she just enjoys reading a good book.

I first learned how to kick a football when I was learning to walk properly. Ever since then, my dad’s mission to make me a Collingwood fanatic has passed with flying colours.  Over the years, I think it pretty safe to say; with all of the kick- to- kick games that my dad and I have played, we have lost over 50 footballs over the fence. Losing most of them was my fault. As I got older dad started to take me to footy ovals, where I could kick the ball as far as I wanted with no fear of kicking it over the fence, where our neighbor’s dog would attack it.

Going to watch Collingwood play at the MCG has always been enjoyable…well except for when we lose, then dad goes a little big kooky in the brain. In 2011, I played football for a girls’ team at my school and in played the position of a midfielder. I think that I did a pretty good job, but let’s just say Dane Swan makes it look easier than it actually is. I wore the number 4.  Anyway, the point is I always have loved watching and playing football ever since I was young and I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon. GO THE PIES!!!

Footy isn’t the only sport that I love. Cricket has also been one of the main sports that I enjoy playing. Ever since I was around 4 or 5, my dad and I would play cricket with a tennis ball and my dad’s good ol’ 30 year old cricket bat Besty. Of course, with how small I was back then it seemed gigantic for me. It’s a funny story because a normal game of backyard cricket got the best of my emotions if my dad would beat me. Oh the constant teasing saying the classic words like, “You lost Neil!!!” which is a quote from one of my favorite shows “The Young Ones”. This often caused me to run inside and cry uncontrollably.

One day, my dad and I were having an ordinary game of cricket when suddenly an idea to get a cat had popped into his head. So marked the day that was the 19th of October 2005, when we got our cat Skidla.

Since late 2011, I have been playing for the Brunswick Magpies Cricket Club. Just by looking at the name you can tell my dad picked the club. Playing the proper rules of cricket with a real cricket ball was a bit of a challenge at first. However, I soon got used to it. A bit of a harder challenge for me though was, because I was so used to having a baseball swing from my tee-ball and softball experiences, I found it quite difficult playing straight shots. In February 2011, my first season of club cricket had ended. All I can say is that I CANNOT wait until September when I start playing again.

This may come as a shock to all of you, but believe it or not I used to play tennis. This is another sport my dad and I still play in our backyard. Playing tennis was a good way to take out any frustration that I would have out on the ball and that poor Prince racket that my dad and I practically demolished. We would have “Friendly” gambles to see who would win the game and be $2 richer. Ironically that was the year I ended up having around $300 in my money box. I played tennis for a whole year until I got bored of it and dad ran out of money. I moved onto other sports. However, I still enjoy playing it.

A big achievement for me in sport was when my school tee-ball and soft-ball team won state championships in 2011. This was also one of my proudest ever moments. I have always enjoyed playing tee-ball and soft-ball since Grade 3.  However, the only things to do with these sports in the backyard , is when my dad and I have a throw of the tee ball with my glove.

I hope that I have given you a quick insight of what kind of sports my dad has taught me to play and enjoy.  Sport has always been my passion. I hope that I never lose my sporting passion.

I would like to say a thank you to my dad for not only for putting up with me while playing all of these sports in our backyard. Not for making me a younger girl version of him, but for being the big brother I never had.

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