St Kilda 2015?

I’ve been a St. Kilda supporter for 7 years now. From the very last year of Robert Harvey in ’08 after that heartbreaking prelim against Hawthorn to what may now be Nick Riewoldt’s last as well. I have experienced the highs (’09-’10) to the very lows (wooden spooners last year), and a curious little boy has to ask: surely only up?

St. Kilda finished 18th last year. I understand circumstances were difficult, what with Alan Richardson the new coach, Dal Santo and Goddard recently stabbing the Saint faithful in the back, as well as a low morale. Well I say, up with it. I am fed up with being 27-time wooden spooners.

What happened to the team that came agonisingly close in 2009-2010 to holding up the Holy Grail of this great game of ours? Yes, I’ve covered Goddard and Dal Santo, but… Aside from those that retired, there should still be an OK team.

So what mistakes have we made? Well, Ross Lyon isn’t one, he left on his own accord. He was clever, he knew the premiership window had slammed shut, and he left St. Kilda the ruins he made.

First was drafting. It was months ago, after the 2014 season had ended, that I questioned Paddy McCartin. Why? Goddard and Dal Santo had left, Goddard a utility player and Dal Santo a midfielder… Wouldn’t a gun midfielder like Petracca have done? Wouldn’t a little more oomph in the engine room worked? Riewoldt was signed for one more year. Use some logic.

I know we need to develop McCartin. But Steven, Armitage, Ray and Montagna are the only notable midfielders we have, as opposed to Membrey, Saad (welcome back), Riewoldt, Schneider and more. St. Kilda has tried the two-tall-timber tactic. Koschitzke was an insult after 2005.

Secondly, I want to ask, why Goddard and Dal Santo? Two club legends, absolute smooth and utilisable players… The last thing you’d want is for another club to have them, right? Sure, we need salary cap space. Sure, we need opportunities for the offsprings of St. Kilda to have a kick. But who teaches them? Who educates them? No one. They have to go against the likes of Hodge, Pendlebury and Selwood. Perfect.

But there is a bright side to things, Saints fans. There is a bright St. Kilda out there, bursting to… Springing to life. Billings, Membrey, Longer, Dunstan, Steven, Delaney, Saad, we have youth. We have courage. We have young, bright prospects. When those bloody hamstrings stop popping like easels, then… Then… St. Kilda will grow. Will learn. Will run. Thanks for reading. Any comments or rebuttals, please do so below.

Andy Tuano, Saints fanatic.

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