St Mary’s B v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Hot mids means happy forwards and a cold backline

by Paddy McGain


It was a long drive to St Mary’s. The place was cold and windy. The start time was earlier than normal.

We all warmed up using our voices really well. Captain for the day was Seb.

First goal came from a Paddy handball whilst being tackled, to Joey, who easily kicked straight. Joey continued his great goal kicking from last week.

In the first half there was some great passing from Matt in the backline to Roman and then to the forwards. Leeroy kicked long to Theo who was tackled unfairly and got a free kick. Theo’s long shot just dropped short but Dylan was in the right spot and marked and goaled.

There was a great mark by Finn in the midfield who then kicked it to Gus. Gus marked and played on to kick a long goal.

We had a great win because we talked and we played well and we never gave up. The backs got cold because our players kept the ball in our forward half most of the game.

Ollie won the opposition medal because he played well all game. 

Go Roys!

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