St Mary’s B v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Working as a team

Round 13 Match Report

St Mary’s B V Fitzroy Under 9-S

By Johnny Bulfone No.19


1st quarter: It was a cold morning. Joey opened the scoring in the first quarter with a great goal. Followed by another goal by Dylan. Frankie was good in the ruck and did some great tackling.


2nd quarter: In the terms of scoring the second quarter was a carbon copy of the first quarter with another goal by Joey, followed by another goal from Dylan. St Mary’s were great tacklers and had us under pressure for most of the first half.


3rd quarter: The third was opened with a great goal by No. 18 and Roman managed a courageous point from the mid-field! Matt made a sensational run from defence to get the ball out of the danger zone. St Mary’s accurate kicking followed by some strong marks kept us on our toes.


4th quarter: St Mary’s seemed to turn up the pressure in the fourth but Leeroy managed a great pass to Joey, which converted to a goal by Dylan. St Mary’s answered with two quick goals as they managed to find some holes in our defence but Gus ended an awesome game with a great mark and goal.


All up, we played well. We worked as a team and responded well when placed under pressure.




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