Student/Junior Almanac: Encouraging Our Rising Reporters

By Phil Dimitriadis

The Student Almanac is a place for young people who love playing, watching and writing about sports of all sorts.

Last year we got the page rolling and this year we are looking forward to getting many more contributions from a cross-section of sports participants and fans.

We have seen the wonderful progress made by now mature Almanackers like Danni Eid, Josh Barnstable, Domenic Favata, Jake Stevens, Anne Fedorowytsch, Susan Giese and Catherine Durkin. Watching them develop into confident and talented writers is inspiration enough for me to promote the Student Almanac project further.

The page is designed to encourage contributions from young people in the 8-16 year old age group. This could include: match reports, memoirs, profiling classmates, teammates, teachers or coaches, reporting on their weekend game, whether it be footy, soccer, netball, softball or chess.

An integral part of the page is the support role parents, grandparents and older relatives can play. We would love to read about historical connections to certain sports, club allegiances and or symbolic and real relationships with place, whether it be the MCG or the local park.

We will be giving out prizes for the best articles. This will include copies of the Footy Almanac, T-Shirts and ever-popular I-Tune cards (Hope JB HI-FI is reading this!)

Suggestions on how to improve the page and garner more interest and possible sponsorship are always welcome. Students can send their articles to me at [email protected]

Looking forward to reading an abundance of great stories in 2013.

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John Harms is a writer, broadcaster, publisher, historian, speaker and teacher. He loves stories.

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