VAFA – Fitzroy v St Bede’s: An unexpected good win to the Roys

by Louis Hodder


In the morning I played Auskick at the Brunswick Street Oval. In the afternoon I went to watch Fitzroy play St. Bede’s/Mentone Tigers at the BSO. I think it was a lovely Saturday afternoon, nice and shiny. The BSO looked magnificent. A great day to kick a footy.


1st Quarter.
In the first few minutes St. Bedes kicked two goals. I thought Fitzroy’s chances were slim. Then Fitzroy kicked six remarkable goals.


2nd Quarter.

It was a tight struggle. Fitzroy kicked one goal and St. Bedes kicked three goals.

3rd Quarter.

In the third quarter it was a battle and very exciting.

4th Quarter.

The last quarter was Fitzroy’s best quarter. Fitzroy kicked five goals. We won by 34 points. It was a great day.

Best Players

#1 Rory Angiolella three goals
#11 Daniel Bisetto two goals
#10 Tom Cheshire one goal
#13 Matt Brown two goals and great marking
#67 Corbin Stevic three goals

Fitzroy 15-13-103   St. Bede’s/Mentone Tigers 9-15-69

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