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Welcome to the Junior Almanac page.

We publish the words of keen young writers.

You can write about footy. But really, we just want to see kids learning to love stories and words, and to become published writers and enthusiastic readers. So we’d love you to write about your passion, whether it be footy or flute or flamingo farming.

The Footy Almanac has watched some tremendous young kids come through the website over the past five years: Josh Barnstable, who started writing with us when he was 14 and is now an old hand as a uni student with his own Kangaroo audience; Danni Eid, whose unmistakable voice is loved by so many (even those who don’t barrack for Collingwood); and we now have Paddy Grindlay (13) and Molly Lennon (10) and Kaisha Thompson (8).

So, have a go.

Here’s some ideas:

Write about your own footy (or any passion).

Write about going to the footy – AFL, your local comp, whatever you like – and tell the story of your day.

Write a straight match report of an AFL game

It doesn’t matter how long your piece is. Just send it to our editor Steve Baker [email protected]

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John Harms is a writer, broadcaster, publisher, historian, speaker and teacher. He loves stories.

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